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Top Articles From Our First Year Blogging

Posted by Mandy Cech on Jan 3, 2017 8:30:00 AM
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At the start of 2016, we took on a big initiative for our team. We started publishing one article a week. We've learned a lot throughout the year in terms of the process for publishing and the types of articles that seem to resonate the most with people. 

On that note, below we've gathered our top 5 most popular articles of the year.

1. You Can Use Slack To Be More Productive, Even In Pokémon Go.

Remember the waves of Pokémon Go players that took to the streets at the end of July? One of our developers built a tool for the game that works within our company's Slack messaging system. 


2. Slack for Business: A Developer's Perspective

We started using Slack for business communications. The ability to push/pull data to and from the platform intrigued our developers. 


3. Inside the Internship with Accounting Intern Eric Laginess

Over the summer, we happily hosted three interns in different departments throughout the organization. As their internships wrapped up, we asked each one to share their perspective on the experience and culture at Springthrough. 


4. More Than Ping Pong, Our Culture Balances Freedom & Responsibility

Culture isn't Ping-Pong, dress code, or happy hours. Our culture is defined by our organizational values and the idea of Freedom and Responsibility. 


5. Springthrough Receives Sitefinity "Website of the Year" For Third Consecutive Year

In April, we were happy to announce that one of the websites built by our Sitefinity developers was awarded as a 2015 Website of the Year. 




We felt happy to see the range of topics that interest our readers. One common denominator between the topics is a community to promote and share the article. For example, the Pokémon Go article received the most views from Reddit where the writer posted the article. Or our Website of the Year award, which Sitefinity and our client shared.


As we look to 2017, we'll try to incorporate the trends we see into the new articles we publish. If there is a topic that you would like to see, please let us know in the comments section. 


Topics: Development Trends, IT Services: Back to basics, Sitefinity Development & Enterprise Web, Company Culture

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