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Springthrough Wins Sitefinity "Innovator" Award

Posted by Mandy Cech on May 16, 2017 9:53:42 AM
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Sitefinity Innovator Award Medallion

Each year, the Sitefinity Summit brings together development partners from across the country to hear product updates and celebrate success stories. On the final day of the conference, Springthrough was happy to receive the "Innovator" award.

Progress Sitefinity evaluated firms using their Content Management System (CMS) to launch a client website with complex integrations, custom development, and next-level "mobile friendliness". Out of a couple hundred partners, three nominees were selected, and our team was happy to receive the final award. 

Springthrough has customized the platform for our clients in many ways. This year, two unique development practices helped us receive this honor.


Hullah Award Recipient.jpg


1. Advanced Sitefinity Search Feature

The "out of the box" search functionality in the Sitefinity CMS is a pretty minimal. It displays a list of results based on your search terms. If you want a Filtered Search - like you would find on bestbuy.com or amazon.com - you need to develop something custom. 

Our team developed a template to allow us to quickly apply a faceted search function to any customer's website. This template saves our clients hours of work (and dollars) for an activity that we are repeating across projects. 

We wrote a blog post about the project if you're interested in learning more. 


Facet Search Screenshot

Example of our faceted search in action on a client's website. 


2. Sitefinity Integration with NASDAQ

The power behind many of today's websites is their ability to pull data from a variety of sources to create a unique experience. Plus, it's easier to maintain a website when you don't have the same data living in multiple sources.

Some of our clients are publicly traded, and when one launched their new website this year, they wanted to include real-time stock price information from NASDAQ.

We built an integration with NASDAQ's data to include the client's price in the navigation bar of each page.


NASDAQ Integration Screenshot

Our NASDAQ Integration in action in the top right corner. 


We are honored to have received this award that recognizes our ability to use Sitefinity to meet our client's digital goals. 


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