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Inside Our Doors with Support Analyst RJ Volosky

Posted by RJ Volosky on Feb 28, 2017 11:00:00 AM
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The team at Springthrough comes from a variety of different perspectives. While we all have a passion for technology, that takes shape in different ways professionally and personally. To give you a glimpse inside our doors, and the many personalities that make up our team, we've asked our team members to share some thoughts on their work, their interests, and their experience at Springthrough. 

Meet RJ Volosky. 

RJ started working at Springthrough in February of 2016. He works as a Support Analyst on our Managed Services team. 


Our Support Analyst playing cards at lunch.


How would you describe your work day-to-day?

One of the things I find attractive about working in IT is the variety involved. On a typical day, I could be working on projects ranging from basic end user support, such as help setting up an email client or printers, to infrastructure planning and administration, such as designing network equipment layouts or server implementations.


What is the most unique piece of work you've done?

The variety of work we do in IT Services means that there are many things that I’ve worked on which are unique in their own right. One that stands out, however, is a project where we discovered a speed limitation on SSL VPN connections.  A client had recently upgraded their ISP connection but did not notice any change in their VPN connection speed back to the network.  After diving into the issue, we came up with a solution that involved creating an alternative IPSec VPN connection which gave them the speeds they were looking for.


What has challenged you the most?

The most challenging thing about IT Services is the variety of client IT environments we support.  In many cases, this will lead to a system of “tribal knowledge” where certain team members become repositories of client-specific information, and when he or she is not available, other team members can be working in the dark.  However, at Sprinthrough we maintain an effective and robust documentation system for our clients, so this challenge is significantly mitigated.


What was your proudest moment here?

There was a project I worked on to assist the development team with their client.  Most of the work we do is for IT Services clients, but in this case, I set up a server and site-to-site VPN tunnel specifically to help the development team work with one of their clients.  That sort of inter-departmental cooperation is something I find especially rewarding.


What were you looking for in a position when you came here?

My experience in working with IT Services for other companies had been largely negative in the past, but Springthrough came highly recommended to me. The culture of Springthrough, and the company’s genuine interest in their employees, are what led me to decide to try working in IT Services once again.  I was looking for a position which would challenge my technical skills without risking burnout.  I’ve found that the environment at Springthrough has matched those expectations.


What has surprised you in your time here?

My biggest surprises have been with regards to personal development. Springthrough’s cultural focus on personal growth and training has expanded my technical skillset in ways that I couldn’t have imagined before working in an IT Services environment as uniquely positive as this one.


What do you for inspiration/rejuventation?

I play a lot of games.  I find board games a way to both connect socially while keeping my analytical skills sharp.  I also find a lot of enjoyment in strategy and exploration-based video games.  One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to get lost in a science fiction or fantasy world.  I do this through these games, as well as through reading some of my favorite authors like Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss or Brandon Mull.


What is one thing that you've learned at work that you can take into your personal life?

The mindset that any challenge is an opportunity to learn something new is a thing that serves me well in my role in IT Services at Springthrough, and it’s also a thing that serves me well in my personal life.  Being presented with a problem, whether it’s a client’s IT crisis at work or a flooded bathroom at home, is always a stressful experience.  Focusing on the opportunity to learn from the situation both lessens the stress and leads to more positive responses to the challenge.


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