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Inside Our Doors with Project Manager Dave Tarnow

Posted by Dave Tarnow on Feb 8, 2017 11:00:00 AM
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The team at Springthrough comes from a variety of different perspectives. While we all have a passion for technology, that takes shape in different ways professionally and personally. To give you a glimpse inside our doors, and the many personalities that make up our team, we've asked our team members to share some thoughts on their work, their interests, and their experience at Springthrough. 

Meet Dave Tarnow. 

Dave started working at Springthrough in March of 2016. He works as a Project Manager. 

 Project Manager at work


How would you describe your work day-to-day?

As a Project Manager working with several clients, my work day-to-day can vary greatly.  On some days we’re planning work for new projects.  We could be writing user stories in preparation for Agile development or writing an SOW for a new project.  On other days, we’re concentrating on a project that is in mid-development.  On those days, my time is spent in daily stand-ups, on status calls with a client, or clearing road blocks for developers.


What is the most unique piece of work you've done?

The most unique piece of work that I’ve been a part of at Springthrough is an automated phone calling system for one of our biggest clients. Working in a completely custom environment and developing against phone systems is such a drastic change from the average CMS website that the work, and the challenges, are always very interesting, It keep us on our toes.


What has challenged you the most?

Being involved in a project at a task level has been the biggest challenge for me at Springthrough. I’m a fairly new employee, and learning the process while managing projects can be challenging.  I like to be involved at a more granular level than just managing the schedule and budget.  Learning the details of a project, while learning the process, and learning the deliverables is pretty tough.


What was your proudest moment here?

I think my proudest moment, or moments, here at Springthrough have been because of the company's willingness to let me drive process. The PMO, and Springthrough in general, is great about allowing me to influence the people I work with on my dev team.  I’m proud of the fact that I can make decisions about how to manage projects, what project management process to use, and how we put process in place for a client. 


What has surprised you in your time here?

I knew the culture was good when I chose to work at Springthrough, but I didn’t know how good. There just isn’t a lot of stress here.  People always seem happy.  There is a great balance of working hard, and having fun.

What do you for inspiration/rejuventation?

Taking a quick break for a euchre or ping pong game is a great way to rejuvenate during the day. We spend a lot of time at the office, and we work very hard.  Everyone needs a break to clear their head.  Having a company that supports those breaks and gives us ways to unplug is a great experience.


What is one thing that you've learned at work that you can take into your personal life?

It’s ok not to be perfect. I try to tell myself this over and over again.  Things aren’t going to be perfect, not at work and not in your personal life.  Accepting issues, and working through them, is part of life.  We learn that in terms of managing projects, and hopefully it translates to life in general.  You just have to keep moving forward.


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