Our Process
Gain a competitive advantage rooted in solid understanding, a sound strategy, and deliberate execution.

Our process aims to provide a solution that is authentic in nature and actionable in practice. 

At Springthrough, our team has a reputation for being innovative, proactive, and easy to work with. We see customers as true partners and advisors in the process, and rather than springing forward, blindly charging ahead without thought and intention. We spring through, meaning each and every step along the way is rooted in understanding, clarity, and enablement.

At the end of the day, we want you to walk away with a set of personalized strategies that you understand, value, and feel empowered to implement.


Gathering insights is a fundamental part of uncovering the hierarchy of needs within a project.

In collaboration with our client’s goals, Springthrough will work through a series of engaging exercises to understand where the organization is, and where it needs to be. By engaging in this process, our team finds what aspects of the project are most valuable in creating something that has meaning, relevancy, and impact. 


Once we understand the nature and scale of the existing content, business objectives, and user expectations, we develop an integrated strategy and structural design.

Strategic plans are cultivated with functionality and current industry knowledge in mind. Business goals, user expectations, and best practices align to create a purposeful and impactful plan for execution.

Through the Agile methodology, we collaborate, design, test, build and re-test throughout the engineering and execution process to ensure that resources are appropriately managed, utilized, and optimized. 
Studio C serves an average of 5.5 million movie fans throughout Michigan with the Celebration Cinema chain in 14 locations throughout the state. In 2018, Studio C aimed to provide an enhanced entertainment experience for people in Grand Rapids with a new project, Studio Park. Learn how a scalable content management system support Studio C to roll out new business initiatives and grow customer loyalty.
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