Meet Our Team
Meet the talented Springthrough team members. Our certified Sitefinity developers and MVP are transforming digital visions into reality.

Meet the Springthrough Team

Our team represents diverse skillsets and experience. We share our passion for technology, finding the most fitting development approach to solve business challenges, board games, and craft beers. We are in Grand Rapids, Michigan after all. 


Meet Nick

Nick has always had a passion for computers and helping people solve problems. He loves being able to use his software development skills to solve complex technical problems and help Springthrough clients realize their goals. He loves all of the different technologies he gets to use every day. Whether it's solving an elaborate coding issue with C# on the .NET Framework or making the elements on a web page line up just right so that the content is delivered in the most effective light, using SCSS, jQuery, Angular and a plethora of other front end frameworks, he loves leveraging as many of the different technologies out there as he possibly can. With a strong platform like Sitefinity at the root of most of his web projects, Nick gets the scaffolding to build fun and innovative tools and tailor each client's experience to make the platform their own.

Nick graduated from Grand Valley State University of a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Nick has been working in Springthrough for five years shortly after he graduated from Grand Valley. 
  • Sitefinity Certified Developer
3 Things Nick Can't Live Without
Video games, golf, and swimming.
This May Surprise You
Nick has been to the Isle of Wight, an island off the south coast of England.