You've seen the company's work in monumental projects like the construction of One World Trade Center in NYC. 

When customers’ expectations for their website started changing, Dayton Superior knew it was time to ‘do’ digital differently. The website provided information to designers, contractors and dealers in the construction industry, but as of 2014, it looked dated, and the system in place for managing content (information, images and news) limited the team’s options.  They began the search for software and a partner to help make a change. The Sitefinity CMS matched their software needs, and through the partner network, Dayton Superior came across Springthrough's Sitefinity development work.


We provided Dayton Superior with solutions by:

  • Lifting existing content from the old system
  • Implementing the Sitefinity CMS
  • Configuring Sitefinity with Google Analytics
  • Building a custom product search feature
  • Providing a hosting and deployment strategy
  • Training content owners at Dayton Superior





We began working with Jay Requarth, the User Experience Team Manager, to understand why Dayton wanted a change before deciding how a solution would be built. We needed to define the problem. We talked about where Dayton Superior was and where they wanted to go with their digital presence. Additionally, we listened to customers and dealers to understand their processes and perspective.

Their priorities included: 

  1. A content management system where information could be pulled from a single source onto many pages.
  2. New insights around customer journeys to provide content in the right context.
  3. An international approach to personalized content.
With the goals from internal stakeholders and customers defined, we added our knowledge of best practices in the industry. We began building a roadmap for this project. We worked with Dayton Superior to determine how to make the biggest impact.



Based on the roadmap, we began some of the key activities for this project.

Separate Presentation from Content
To create and maintain the experience around each of Dayton Superior’s 17,000 products, we needed to separate the content from presentation – a message we share with many of our clients. The content can come from any number of sources and aggregate together. This separation allows Dayton Superior to better manage their workflows. Content can be created and edited in one location but published everywhere.

Customize Product Search 
We created a new and customized search tool that allows people to easily search across products and quickly see the results of their search filters. Shortly after making this change, the Dayton Superior team received meaningful feedback from their customers.

Help Customers Around the World 
The new content management system matches the customer’s experience in his or her context. Content managers at Dayton Superior can now translate their information and product specifications and the website navigation will match. This workflow keeps the content managers in control of the process for approvals and revisions. 

We worked with Dayton Superior and Sitefinity to configure their Google Analytics to track demographic information, allowing Dayton Superior to better target their customers and expand their range of influence.


When development was complete, we trained content owners at Dayton Superior to ensure they were self-sufficient and poised for the future. 


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