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Sitefinity 13 Version Release

May 15, 2020 by Eric Spencer

Sitefinity recently announced a major version upgrade, Sitefinity 13. This version upgrade aims to enable organizations to effectively to manage omnichannel experience as the customer expectations continue to rise and evolve. 

Sitefinity 13 implements beautiful experiences that elastically scale to deliver content to omnichannel touchpoints and synthesize data from disparate silos to optimize the customer journey.

I am very excited about some of the new enhancements, from both the developer and content manager perspectives. Sitefinity 13 introduces Sitefinity .NET Core Renderer, which is a robust framework that provides features to develop super-fast APIs for web apps. Leveraging .NET Core will allow development across different platforms, simplify development processes, and create faster compilations. To translate this technical language, it simply means a better user experience for the content managers and marketers.

Reinvented Digital Asset Management

The reinvented Digital Asset Management, aka the image libraries, provides an easier navigation experience among all image libraries. Content editors can seamlessly image preview settings and a new interface of photo editor. 

Some new enhancement in the reinvented module:

  • The new Timeline view to browse all images by date
  • Improved search and filtering capabilities that work in all folders and libraries to help you find assets that you need
  • Enhanced preview options and larger thumbnails to help you select the most suitable image

Redesigned Classification Management 

Classification Management improves content and asset classification through a consistent back-end user interface. It promotes organized content and allows manage content at a scale through tagging. The redesigned module also comes with new capabilities, such as merging and moving.

Enhanced Personalization 

Personalization in Sitefinity allows you to segment your audience and deliver personalized content or experience to each user depending on their matching segment. Sitefinity 13 upgrade improved and streamlined the dialogs to create user segments. All characteristics (criteria) are now grouped in categories in a single drop-down for easy accessibility. Content managers can now create user segments, ie. Demographic data, campaign labels, etc in Sitefinity that are based on contact properties stored in Sitefinity Insight.

Sitefinity Insight 

Sitefinity Insight is the rebranded Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud wither greater analytic capabilities to provides actionable insights with a multi-channel analytics tool. The upgrade comes with better personalization features, touchpoint reports, lead scoring, and segmentation tagging.

NOTE: Sitefinity Insight is only available for Online Marketing Edition or Enterprise Edition. 

Sitefinity 13 truly delivers peak performance, optimal security, and access to a host of new capabilities that positively impact productivity and operational efficiency across marketing and IT teams.

Feel free to reach out to us at Springthrough to discuss if you want up upgrade or try Sitefinity 13. 

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