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Mar 19, 2020 by Springthrough

Meet Norah.

IMG_1978IMG_8005EGR Norah

Norah is a sophomore at East Grand Rapids High School (EGRHS). She has been an active member of the EGRHS Robotics team, aka FRC Team#5980 for two years. Norah dedicates her after school hours working with her team to refine and adjust the robot to complete the required challenges at each qualification competition.

Norah is passionate about engineering and loves learning more about it by building the mechanical aspects of the robots. Being on the robotics team enable Norah to learn a lot about solving problems through the robot design process, game strategy, community outreach, and collaborating with her team to refine the robots. In addition to facilitating idea exchanges with other local robotics teams, Norah's team also extended the exchange onto a global level through their Excellence in Global Relationship (EGR) initiative. Norah spent an hour every Saturday during the build season to communicate via WhatsApp with a robotics team from another country, such as Comoro, Namibia, and Norway.  The EGR initiative not only allows students to share their common interest in robotics but also foster cultural awareness.

IMG_8006The robotics team, Team#5980 was established in late summer in 2015 with a mission to inspire students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by solving problems in the field of robotics. Team#5980 has competed in numerous robotics in the nation and made it to the world robotics championship. The team is structured to allow students to explore other interests such as programming or business development as they participate in various roles on the team.

Springthrough is a proud sponsor of the EGRHS robotics team. We understand the importance of fostering future innovation through STEM education and focuses on continuous learning as a company. We want to make sure that our next generation, like Norah, has the resources and courage to pursue their passion in STEM professions and be the pioneers to lead us to a better future for everyone.

Throughout the journey of bringing FRC#5980 from state competitions to the world FIRST Robotics competition, Norah would like to continue her academic study in engineering. She has learned so much in communication, collaboration, and leadership that she will take into the professional world.


East Grand Rapids High School Robotics Team won the Judges Award in St. Joseph MI in March 2020.

To learn more about Norah and Team#5980, visit: http://www.egrrobotics.org/

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