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Work Anniversary Potluck at Springthrough

Mar 13, 2020 by Springthrough

Every month, Springthrough culture committee organizes events, such as happy hours, donut breakfasts and so on to celebrate our teamwork, birthdays and work anniversaries. This March, we celebrate work anniversaries from one to fourteen years for four team members with a potluck lunch. 

This March, we celebrate work anniversaries for these remarkable team members.   

Kevin Reed- 14 years 
Patrick Kimbrell- 6 years
Josh Rouworst- 6 years 
Lucas Ausbury- 1 year  


The Springthrough team pulled together a full menu from starters to desserts; chips and homemade salsa, bacon-wrapped smokies, BLT pasta salad, baked ziti, potato soup, meatballs, grape salad and chocolate cupcakes. Our team has demonstrated that we have a wide range of skills in addition to enabling our clients with technology. 

Our Senior Developer, Kevin Reed celebrates 14 years at Springthrough this March.     
"One of my favorite things about working at Springthrough is variety. During my tenure here, I've had some exposure to lots of different types of technology, like accounting software, reporting tools, integration tools, CRM packages, and now content management systems. There is always something new to learn or try. We also work with clients in lots of different industries. If one industry isn't doing well for awhile, we can focus on recruiting clients from industries that are booming. Working with different types of clients helps keep things interesting. Even though there are many types of technology and all kinds of companies, our clients all want the same thing basically. They want high-quality, easy-to-use software that makes their job easier. I think it's cool that I get to create something they depend on a daily basis." said Kevin Reed.

"I really enjoy working at Springthrough as we are respected and treated like a person here, instead of a cog in a machine. As much as we celebrate the individuals at Springthrough, we work hard as a team, from management on down, to do meaningful work and bring positive impacts for our clients. Plus, there are free energy drinks in the office, a good healthcare plan and a bar within 100 feet in every direction to the office. What's not to love working at Springthrough in that sense? " said Josh Rouwhorst, our Delivery Lead who celebrates his 6th work anniversary at Springthrough.

At Springthrough, we are committed to building a collaborative workplace that takes pride in teamwork and the impacts  that we can help our clients achieve. 

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