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Start With Why

Sep 24, 2018 by Josh Wouwhorst


In Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” he points to industry leaders who survive the waxes and wanes of the market because they are driven not by their products but by a cause. To think differently. To democratize travel. To save humanity. What the companies sell is incidental. Computers, rides in stranger’s cars, or rocket ships. It’s just a means to their end goal. It’s an expression of the culture they create in their leadership and extend to their workforce. And this has the incredible effect of drawing to them customers who also believe in their cause. 

When you’re busy achieving your “Why” you fight a windstorm of problems standing between you and your cause. You don’t want to do homework when your kids are playing in the yard. You don’t want to be stuck watching YouTube videos to figure out how to make a website, or setup a server. At Springthrough, we decided from day one that we want to do whatever we can to take care of the problems stunting people from their “Why”. 


How do you achieve your “Why”? Making beautiful, user-friendly products. Making your destination just a few taps away. Making old technology with new ideas. This is the framework that leads your employees and inspires your clientele. This is your ethos. This is how you achieve your goal regardless of your product. 

At Springthrough, we find people’s needs, learn their priorities, and take problems off their hands. Our people know how to listen, know what questions to ask, and know how to find solutions. Regardless of what we sell, that is what you will get.


When you are driven by a “Why” and you have a defined “How”, your “What” can be anything. Dell makes computers, so why would you buy a phone from them? Apple will do whatever can disrupt the status quo, so why wouldn’t you buy a phone from them? That’s how these companies become industry leaders. That’s how they survive changing demands and new technologies. They are able to drop what their doing as soon as it starts leading them away from their goal, because their leadership, their workforce, and their customers share a cause. 

We want to clear away the bullshit that slows you down from making your impact. We want you to focus on your “Why”. We’ll find your needs, figure out your priorities, and take care of the details. That way, your impact becomes our impact. Your “Why” becomes our “Why”. We just happen to make great websites and provide the best IT solutions. So, what can we do to help you?


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