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Benefits of having Springthrough's Development Support Team on Your Side!

Jun 20, 2018 by Nick Ronan

There are many benefits to having a dynamic software support team like we have here at Springthrough when dealing with the variety of software development projects we take on. One of the greatest benefits is that working on the support team gives us, as developers, exposure to different technologies and coding styles that we may not otherwise be exposed to. This becomes invaluable to approaching the different challenges we encounter and ensuring that we are using the best tool to solve customer issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Separating the support work from the project works also helps the team be more responsive to customer requests. It is far easier to be responsive to the client’s needs when the burden of project work is removed. This allows us on the support team to more fully focus on the client experience and ensuring that client’s expectations are being met and exceeded throughout the life cycle of their project.

Isolating the support process from the project development work also allows for a more dynamic project development team. With us on the support team supporting projects after they are launched, project developers can more freely float between open project work as deadlines and workload dictates. This allows the project team to be as flexible and responsive as possible and allows for easier scheduling of project work.

A dedicated support team is important for us as developers to foster closer relationships with the clients we are supporting. It is far more effective from a development perspective to have a dedicated group handling requests rather than handing out requests across the entire team as they come in. This is also very beneficial to our clients as they know when they make a support request it will handled by the same team of support developers every time.

As a direct result of the relationships being built between the clients and our support team. We can make informed suggestions for enhancements that are better aligned with the client’s goals for the project. It is much easier, with a focused support team, to track support requests, look at trends, and pinpoint what features would be most valuable to our clients.      

A focused support group allows us to continually monitor all our support projects and ensure that the technologies that they are leveraging are continually up to date. This allows us to prevent and get a head of one of the biggest considerations in development: technical debt. It also alleviates the issue of having to attempt on-the-fly updates when new support requests come in that require a feature that is not available in older versions of any given technology that we leverage. This is very import to the support team because if we can keep ahead of technical debt, we can be more responsive and a better partner for our clients. Partnering with our support team is easy! Check out some of the work we've done or ask for a portfolio of clients we currently support and see how we can help you meet your needs. Our specialty is building lasting relationships with all of our clients.

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