Marketing Directors, Managers, Leaders:

You’re trying to accomplish something that the company has never done. You see the potential of the new marketing landscape, but you have to make the case for your budget. You spend days preparing reports. And then, the market changes - in the middle of a campaign. How do you react if you don’t have the right information to make a call?


One healthcare company had more than enough data; they wanted a new way to understand it.

Each “Brand” at the company built its own campaigns. They used different tools to make and monitor their activities, each with their own success criteria.

Once the campaigns ended, the teams would evaluate the results. Should they have made changes? Did their goals overlap with other departments (and overlap in dollars spent)? There had to be a better way. They wanted to check (weekly, daily, hourly) and compare different tactics in the same context. Apples to apples.

They commissioned a custom, and comprehensive, dashboard to inform each decision and to show the direct value of their work.

 Dashboard of total leads vs goals

Dashboard of leads from sales sources

Dashboard of leads from inbound sources


Customized marketing dashboards will show the precise data you need to make the tough decisions.

You have to know what’s working – at what cost – to choose the best direction. Just ask Gartner. In their article, Secrets of Building a Data-Driven Marketing Organization, they say that data can, and should, be the reason behind your decisions.

You likely already have plenty of it. The systems are in place – from marketing automation platforms to CRM tools – to gather the data. The trick is to to connect the dots between each action and its reaction.


At Springthrough, we can help.

First, we listen to your goals. What numbers really matter? What actions do you want to track? Then, we set up an at-a-glance dashboard that consolidates all of your data sources and to show the exact Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need – across the board.

With easy and real-time data, you can compare the costs and performance of different tactics. You will make vital decisions with confidence. Our clients’ dashboards bring in data from dozens of different systems, across multiple marketing disciplines. Seeing all of this data side by side helps to make clear the winners and the losers. Tactics that generate substantial ROI, and those that don’t.

Most notably, we’re measuring:

  • Marketing Automation Performance
  • CRM Data
  • PPC Effectiveness
  • Direct Response Campaign Performance
  • SEO Tracking

When you can see the effectiveness of one tool or approach compared to another, you can identify the right investments to get results. 

We do this because we understand the digital world. At Springthrough, we want to help our clients become innovators and leaders in their industries. By putting meaningful data at your fingertips, dashboards become a powerful tool to help marketing decision-makers like you work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


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